Saturday, July 18, 2009


If anyone knows the saga of the possessed suburban, you will understand how excited we are to have a new, reliable car!!! Truly the suburban is possessed of an evil spirit. When WE have the burb, it won't start. Once we have it towed into the shop, they can NOT get it to NOT start. grrrrrr. The evil spirit cackles it's vindictive mirth at stumping every mechanic who attempts to exorcise the wicked demon. For months now we've been without the burb more than we've been able to drive it. Having 3 drivers and only 1 car has been a bit of a challenge. We finally gave up and bought a Kia Spectra. Yippee.
Our color choices were white or black. Tough decision. Really stressed over that one. (jk)

Since we didn't get a picture of the car when it was sparkling clean coming off the lot with only 16 miles on it and before we drove passed the lake with all the little green bugs, I put Travis and Elder Heywood in front of it in an attempt to distract the viewer from noticing any bug guts.
Travis has been working with the missionaries in our ward quite a lot lately. They are both great missionaries! Elder Griffith is tasked with starting a Spanish branch attached to our ward, so Travis works with Elder Heywood while E. Griffith goes out with others who speak Spanish. I'm so glad Travis is seeing what he needs to do to prepare for his own mission in 3 years. And I'm glad he has the opportunity to help some really great people learn about the gospel.
This second picture is for you, Brad, and for any recently returned missionary who will recognize the wonderful missionary-back-up-procedure! (I could have used that a time or two!!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thunder and Lightening!!!

On Friday night, the 3rd, Klamath had the most amazing lightning storm! Lynn, Travis, and I were getting ready for bed when it began. We stood out on our deck ooo-ing and ahhh-ing while it lasted. After each lightning bolt crackled across the sky, the thunder would rumble for the longest time. Travis took this photograph, and we love it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Killer Sunset

One of the things I love best about Klamath Falls is the skies. They are so beautiful. Last night we had another gorgeous sunset. I wish I could take pictures that capture their beauty.

A Weekend in Paradise

This past weekend our entire family was together at Woahink Lake just south of Florence. Jessi was the only one who couldn't be with us, and we missed her terribly. Lynn found this amazing place that had the best view of the Lake. We lucked out and had two absolutely gorgeous days full of sunshine; the cloudy days before that were beautiful, too, just in a different way.
It was so much fun being together. We played lots of games, swam in the lake (brrrrrrrrrr), soaked in the hot tub (ahhhhhhh), ate delicious food, and those who wanted to fish were able to do so. Some fished off the deck, and Brad used the kayak to paddle out into the lake to fish from there. They caught some trout, and were satisfied. Lynn, Alan, Josh, and Brad also spent a very windy afternoon fishing for surface perch on the Umpqua River. Now we have lots and lots of yummy perch.

The top picture is of TJ with Logan; next comes Brad with Logan. Babies are so much fun! They provide limitless entertainment for everyone.

While the small group was fishing on the river, the rest of us went into old town Florence where they were having a street market. We all tried on these funky glasses. Kinda fun that in Jena's picture, TJ was fortuitously caught in the mirror!

I look terrible, but Logan does this thumb sucking cuddle that melts everyone's hearts!!! He is such a joy.

Here's Alan fishing off the dock in the early morning.

Brad's heading out onto the lake to see how many fish he can wrestle. Sadly, he dropped his cell phone in the water at the lake's edge. With lightening speed he stripped off his gear and shirt and rescued the phone. I thought it was a gonner for sure, but he answers when I dial his number!! Amazing.

Molly, Josh, and Travis playing Boggle. All three are wicked good Boggle players. Couldn't they let me win just once???

A few early risers went to see this amazing herd of elk just south on Hwy 101. Gorgeous.
We hope to return to this place again. Like I said, it was paradise.