Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saying Good-bye to a Good Friend

Ynette Marx, Sara Fletcher, Margo Morey
Steven Marx, Joshua Marx, Max Fletcher, Lynn
Craig and Molly Phair

Paula and Darron (Sr.) Fletcher
Jeremy and Dane MacDonald

Dan, Cassie, and Tonia Perez
John Clark and Chad Spendlove

In July our friend Chad Spendlove moved. sigh. sniff. It's always so hard to let good people move. I uncharacteristically took pictures at the little get together.

Back to School

I was reading all my nieces' blogs about kids going back to school, and it struck me how differently it has been for me lately. My babies started up school again, but it feels so different from when I had elementary aged kids heading back to school. I remember some years feeling relieved to have them go, and other years feeling sad to let them go. Now it is one of those inevitable sorrows. We had Jessi home for 6 glorious weeks this summer, and it was hard to let her go back to BYU-I. But if she stayed, she wouldn't become the person she ought to be, so. . . . And Travis started his junior year, and wow did he become invisible. He wasn't going to play soccer, but decided to play after all. So he goes from seminary to leadership to school to soccer practice to the den to do homework before racing to bed. We really miss having more of his time and attention.
This picture is of Travis and his good friend Darron Fletcher. One morning after school started the two of them came home between seminary and school, and made these huge pancakes with which to satiate their appetites.
Lynn and I took Travis to Bend this past weekend to get some orthotics. He has had some serious back aches that always start when he starts a new season of sports. The chiropractor said that it would take orthotics to correct the problem, so here's hoping. We spent the night in Bend in the Old Mill District at the Ameritel Inn. We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves and spent a couple of hours swimming, soaking, and talking up a storm. It was so so fun!