Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Light Dance

This past Saturday the stake had a youth black light dance. Lynn spent countless hours preparing for it ahead of time, then we spent all day Friday and all day Saturday setting up. Thank Heaven for help from Travis, Darron, mom and dad! They were lifesavers!!! Lynn set up 4 rooms for miniature golf. The top picture shows the palm trees in the tropical room. There were dolphins and frogs, too, but they are hard to see in the picture. The golf hole was an alligator. They had to get the ball into the plastic alligator. The second picture shows the polar room. There were two huge icebergs, snowflakes in the air, and some penguins parachuting to land on the icebergs. You can see Travis's bright yellow shirt, Darron's tie-die looking shirt, and you can't really see Mike. Third picture shows the music room. There were also guitars on the walls and neon orange lightning bolts. The last three pictures are in the geometric room. The fluorescent shapes really popped! Check out the hand crafted jewelry I'm wearing! Smashing, no? Those pipe cleaners are the bomb. Just hope the kids had a really good time at the dance/golfing.