Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Art Class for the School Year

Yesterday I went back to Henley for the last art class of this school year. I taught the students about Titian. His exact birth date is not known, but they speculate that he was born around 1488. He was the premier Venician portrait painter in his life time. He was very well known, and was a rival to Michelangelo and Raphael. Da Vinci was also painting during some of the same years in Italy. He is so well regarded that two of his paintings have recently sold for $70 million plus each!! It was hard to figure out how to teach about Titian because there weren't any cool, interesting stories that would catch the kids' attention, and so many of his paintings included naked little cherubs (which would have brought the house down in elementary school) or naked adult women, or babies being nursed without a modesty guard. I think much of Titian's work is warm and beautiful, if you can get past all the nudes. These are two of his self portraits.
One of the coolest surprises I had yesterday was when the 3rd grade teacher handed me thank-you notes from all the students in both 3rd grade classes. It was so awesome because the teachers had asked the students to draw a picture like one of the ones we had studied during the year, and to say what they enjoyed learning about. You would be so impressed with a couple of the Cezanne still lifes! There were lots of Mona Lisa's and lots of Terracotta Warriors. One of my favorites is a wonderful American Gothic, and another favorite is Ricky's, who drew the Mona Lisa, The Underground Army, the American Gothic, AND Van Gogh's "The Potato Eaters," only he called it the Bean Eater. I am totally impressed. I felt built up by the young girl who said, "Thank you Mrs. Mortenson for teaching us about the underground army and the mone lysa, gothik, and you dress pretty." I felt like a million bucks! And then there were two very thoughtful 5th grade boys who gallantly carried my things to the next class. Good kids.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Blog

Just a quick shout out that Kathleen and Gary have a blog. I just added their link to my blog. It is at I love that our extended family can better keep in touch this way.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Concert with Grandma and Grandpa

Friday night Grandma, Grandpa, and I went to The Riders in the Sky concert at the Ross Ragland Theater. What a great show! Good, clean humor. The old time songs of the west. All around good comfort music and entertainment. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Our favorite part might have been when they showed the Pixar Pictures short "For the Birds" which they played the accompaniment for, live. Or it may have been when a local man, Doc Denning, 88 years old, told a cowboy poem about a rooster who sees colored easter eggs in his hen's nest and gets jealous of the neighbors peacock. The whole show was just great.

Rubber Stamping Party

Yesterday was national scrapbooking day, so to celebrate I invited some friends over to stamp with me for as long as we wanted. I had a meeting in the morning, so we didn't get to stamp all day long, but we did get several hours in! My friend, Cassie Hurst, came over and we had a blast working away on whatever we wanted to create. Cassie brought her daughter Taylor and Taylor's friend Kattie Guest. They didn't really stamp, but they kept us company. We ate yummy snacks and talked away merrily. Cassie is rather new to stamping, but you'd never know it, because every card she makes is an artistic masterpiece!! She is amazing!

I felt like I could get away with spending the day stamping because Lynn and Travis were at the coast on a YM activity. They went 4-wheeling and crabbing. They arrived Thursday night and set up their tents in the dark. It rained on them pretty much the entire time. They came home rather water logged and ready for dry everything. No one had to seek medical attention, so I'd call that a successful outing, since we're talking about boys, machines, speed, sand dunes.

Visiting with Mark, Anita, and Pax

It has been great to have Mark and Anita here in Klamath Falls. We got to have dinner together at Grandma and Grandpa's house last Sunday and today, and we also were able to visit with them on Wednesday. They are such a cute, adoreable couple! And Pax is so precious. What a treat to have this time together. We also enjoyed visiting with Rick today. Another special treat.