Saturday, May 22, 2010

Travis is going to state!

Yesterday and today Travis competed in the district track meet in winter-like weather! The storm clouds were a brewin'! Yesterday it snowed, causing a couple of delays in the meet. In the end, however, weather didn't matter, because Travis took first in the 300m hurdles and in the 4X4 relay race. It was so awesome! Mom and dad even endured the cold and stayed to the bitter end.
The state meet will be in Eugene next weekend.

Special Friends

Last weekend Lynn and I went to Portland to spend some time with his good mission buddy and roommate Wayne Gould and his wife Janette. We had such a great time hiking Silver Falls, exploring the Oregon Gardens, eating German food, driving through the Columbia River Gorge and talking for hours! Pure joy. This waterfall is Multinomah Falls. We ate dinner at the Riverview Restaurant one evening, and it was such a beautiful place with great food!

Wow but it's been a long time!

It's been so long since I posted I'm not sure I remember how, nor am I sure ANYONE will even look at this blog. Sigh. But we've had such fun lately I just have to blog about it. Our relief society sponsors a book discussion group; we call ourselves the Read (red) Hot Mommas. We meet once a month to discuss a wide variety of books. I was the hostess this month, and I chose Georgette Heyer's books. She is an English author, born in 1902, who wrote historical fiction romance novels as well as thrillers. I love how she described her work: "I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense. ...But it's unquestionably good escapist literature and I think I should rather like it if I were sitting in an air-raid shelter or recovering from flu." We all loved the book we read, and even Jena (away in Portland) loved These Old Shades.

In keeping with the English historical theme we had a dress up tea party. I made a trifle, we had Russian tea, and we brought a tea cup to tell about. Amy's was the best! She snuck her daughter's little purple plastic tea cup and saucer. She has totally embraced the down sizing of proportions! ;) Mom wore a hat she purchased in the 60's I think. Owww baby!