Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh Fall, lovely fall. It's just so beautiful. Perhaps you won't find this picture attractive, but I just love the changing colors of fall. This picture was taken on a rainy day a few weeks ago as we were getting serious about leaving summer behind for another year.

Lo and behold! Caught her red handed (or would that be green mouthed?). I was on my way upstairs, looked out at the garden, and there she was, eating away merrily. This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we still had a garden. It is all gone now, and Lynn has rototilled the ground for the winter rest.

Just recently I was doing some canning, it was late and terribly dark outside. I had a big bowl full of apple peels that I needed to throw on the compost pile, but it was too dark, so I just set the bowl outside at the end of the front sidewalk. When I went to empty it in the morning, the deer had taken care of that little task for me. Oh great - now I'm feeding them from a bowl! What next???

There was a buck in the driveway recently, too. Maybe he'll hang around for the hunting season. Doubt it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lauren's Reception

Most of these pictures are from the reception in Klamath Falls. Only two are from Logan. Brynlie and Connor are in Grandma's Harry Potter closet. Cierra was as beautiful as ever. Auntie Lyn makes everything look gorgeous. She said the reception would be simple, and if it was, it was perfect. I didn't try to get a picture of the set-up because it was too dark for my photographic skills. We loved Stratton, and are so happy for Lauren!

The Garden

I think I am a bit garden crazy! Lynn accuses me of caring more for the garden than for him. Rediculous! (If he wants me to cover him up before it freezes, I'd be more than willing to!) If TJ and Alan hadn't given me that marvelous book full of great pumpkins and squashes, I might not be so crazy. I do love the different colors, shapes, and sizes, not to mention the flavors! I have discovered 4 new favorite varieties this year.
These pictures are of the garden before the freak frost in early September, and before the deer have trodden the vines down. This week the weather is turning freezing again, so the garden will be history. It's time.